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Voice Of The Evolution

Welcome to V.O.T.E's Wiki.Edit

Welcome to the wiki.

We are five politically engaged young people hoping to make a difference. Organising a direct action campaign we hope to turn more people our own age onto politics and the shape of our future.

Yes We Should!Edit

Too many times do we hear people our own age say things like "I dont get politics" "Politics doesn't involve me" "I didn't vote, I don't believe in it.". It's time to stand up and take our future by the reigns. We have democracy, so the opportunity to use our voices and make them heard is there. This is our time, our generation, our chance to shape the world for the better. If we shut ourselves off and do nothing, if the world falls apart because we didn't stand up and fight will "I dont get politics" be enough of an excuse? Our generation is integral to earth's future, so engaging that generation in politics and the issues threatening society is the first step in the war.

Our NameEdit

Our group's name is V.O.T.E. which stands for Voice of the Evolution. We had quite a brainstorm, trying to come up with a name that would be both appropraite and catchy. After many sleepless nights we finally reached the conclusion that V.O.T.E. is what we are looking for.

We Are...Edit

Us. Coming from different countries, different backgrounds. Still, aiming the same goal and fighting for political awareness.

We are :

Natalia Hopej

Sandra Glab

Matthew Miles Chambers

Uriel Roth

Hakan Remzi

Meeting MinutesEdit


Research and InformationEdit

Information and Statistics - Uriel

A Beginners Guide to Politics - Matt


V.O.T.E. facebook page

Publicity MaterialsEdit

Youtube channel:

Photos from meetings and survey at Middlesex UniversityEdit

These are the surveys' questions :

  1. Did you vote in the last election ? Why / Why not ?
  2. Are you aware of the upcoming electoral reform referendum? If so, do you plan on voting ?
  3. Can you differentiate between right and left wing ?
  4. Do you think the voting age should be reduced to 16 ? Why / Why not ?
  5. Do you feel that politics should be atught from year 7 ? Why / Why not?
  6. If you were taught this subject from year 7, do you think you would become more politically active ?
  7. Who is currently in power ?
  8. Did you go to any of the prostests ? Why / Why not ?

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